What's the difference between the male and female pomsky, temperaments and personality?

What's the difference between the male and female pomsky, temperaments and personality?

Families often ask us what's the difference between a male and female pomsky. The simple answer is - There is no definitive answer to whether male or female pomskies have a particular temperament. Temperament can vary greatly among individual dogs, regardless of their sex.

That being said, there are some generalizations that can be made about male and female pomskies. Male pomskies are typically larger and more dominant than females, which can make them more assertive and independent, but if the breeder is breeding smaller lines of puppies then the males could be smaller than the females. The males may be more challenging to train and require more assertive handling than females. However, male pomskies can also be more affectionate and loyal to their owners than females.

Female pomskies are generally smaller and more submissive than males, but again breeding lines could reverse that. They may be more obedient and easier to train, but they can also be more sensitive to aggressive training. Female huskies may also be more prone to separation anxiety and may require more attention and companionship than males. We've experienced this first hand, it's called dog stress colitis. Read about it!

It's important to note that these are generalizations and should not be taken as absolute truths. The temperament of a husky will depend on many factors, including genetics, socialization, training, and individual personality. Regardless of sex, all pomskies require proper care, attention, and training to become well-behaved and happy companions.

At the end of the day it really comes down to personal tastes and opinions. You may want to also consider the physical differences. Do you want a pomsky puppy that as an adult may spray your furniture to mark his territory? Are you okay with holding a male pomsky that has his penis halfway down his belly? Do you want a female pomsky that will go into heat and possibly stain your clothes and furniture? Do you prefer a female pomsky that may be more gentle and calm? We hope we didn't confuse you more at the end of all of this - our best answer is simple - go with your gut and no matter what sex you choose you will absolutely love your new companion!!

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