Past Litters

Watch as we personally fly Dimitri out to Colorado Springs! Dec 19, 2023

Watch recent families who received their puppies! Dec 27, 2023

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Born Feb 3, 2023

Daisy's first litter!! We expect this litter to weigh 13-20lbs as adults.

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Born Sat Mar 18, 2023

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Delilah's and Sylas's Litter

Born Nov 10, 2022 - this beautiful litter is Sylas's first puppies.

All puppies went home to wait list families!

  • Daphne

  • Danala

  • Dalton

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Oceans Designer Litter

Born April 11, 2022 - this beautiful litter is Oceans last puppies as we are retiring this beautiful momma.

Sire - RZR . Dame - Ocean

Ziyra's Litter

Available June 17

Funny story - our Sire RZR broke into the yard one day...I noticed a silence in the house and wondered to myself "where is RZR he's usually by my side" so I went outside to find him tied to Ziyra! So while this litter was not planned by me, we were naturally blessed with these three puppies!

They are named:

Zoey (female)- the greek word for life

Zaria (female)- slavic word for Princess

Zane (male)- means "god is gracious"