Standard Coat

53.6% Pomeranian

46.4% Siberian Husky

Dolly loves to be in the yard and play with the puppies. She mixes well with all other dogs and seems to be submissive when around new dogs. She plays well with Daycare children in the yard.

Dolly had her first litter on Sat Mar 18, 2023!

Parents are RZR and DELILAH


Dolly is a strikingly beautiful dame with a unique set of features that sets her apart from the rest. Her most prominent feature is her double blue eyes, which sparkle like diamonds and shine brightly in the sunlight. Her eyes are so captivating that anyone who meets her can't help but stare into them.

Apart from her piercing blue eyes, Dolly also has a black and white husky mask that wraps around her face, giving her a distinct and regal appearance. Her mask accentuates her facial features, and together with her eyes, they make for a stunning combination.

But what truly sets Dolly apart is her calm and submissive temperament. Despite her striking appearance, Dolly is gentle, patient, and always eager to please. She never gets agitated or anxious and is always ready to offer a comforting presence to those around her.

Dolly's calm and submissive nature is a testament to her breeding and upbringing. She has been raised with love, care, and attention, which has helped her develop a peaceful and balanced disposition. Her temperament makes her an excellent companion for both children and adults, as she is patient and nurturing with everyone she meets.

In conclusion, Dolly is a beautiful and unique dame with striking double blue eyes, a black and white husky mask, and a calm and submissive temperament. Her captivating appearance and gentle nature make her a wonderful companion for anyone who is lucky enough to know her.